How To Coparent- Effects of Divorce On Children

Effects of Divorce On Children

How to Coparent

Effects Of Divorce On Children Researches have found that the negative effects of divorce on children are more extensive and longer lasting when parents cannot stop their fighting with each other and they stay engaged in bitter disputes over minor and major child sharing issues. Parents admit that they cannot pay attention to their children because they are so distracted by what the other parent is doing or saying about them to the children.

To win this battle, one of the two parents needs to learn how to co parent differently. We call it Parallel Parenting. We teach parents how to disengage emotionally from the other parent, stop reacting and stop responding to their attempts to keep the conflict going. Then the parent who is disengaging is able to use their energy to focus on being “with” the children and developing a powerful relationship that cannot be sabotaged by the other parent.  To eliminate permanenet and negative effects of divorce on children, one of the parents needs to know that it only takes one parent, operating at the highest potential as a parent to take their children to the moon and become a powerful, resourcesful, loving and attentive parent.

This video gives you an overview of some of the effects of divorce on children and some strategies to start disengaging from the conflict. You can take an online coparenting course to help you learn new skills, scripts and stories to permanently end conflict and protect your children from the negative effects of divorce on children.

Dr. Deena Stacer is an international parenting educator and consultant on high conflict intervention and coparenting strategies designed to end conflict with the other parent and protect the children.  Parents can learn online skills to end their disputes, and eliminate the negative effects of divorce on children by taking an online co parenting course designed to end conflict once and for all.

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