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Dr. Deena Stacer is an international High Conflict Coparenting Intervention Specialist and a Parent Education Consultant.  You can contact Dr. Deena at 800-980-0434 or Deena.Stacer@gmail.com 

Dr. Deena Stacer has been a parenting educator and consultant for families and court professionals involved in litigious conflictual child custody cases since 1997.  She has trained professionals in Hong Kong, Canada and throughout the US.  She has also been a parent educator since 1985, teaching parents how to create a positive family relationship together by raising emotionally healthy children.  She has worked with families involved in conflictual relationships since 1990.

Dr. Stacer is the Founder of and has been the Director for the High Conflict Intervention and Coparenting Program since 1997.  She has worked with over 5000 conflictual parents involved in child custody cases.  She teaches parents, occasionally works with their children, and assists family law specialists, and mental health professionals involved with these cases the strategies to end conflict  and get the parents out of the court system.  She has mediated over 870 divorce cases in San Diego.  She has traveled nationally and internationally, educating professionals involved with conflictual custody cases the skills to manage these cases more effectively.  She offers online conflictual and cooperative coparenting courses for parents to learn how to stop fighting and develop a stronger connection with their children, located at www.ParentsInConflict.com.

Together Dr. Deena Stacer and Fred Stemen developed the curriculum for the program which is based on proven strategies to give parents a shift in their thinking so they can end the conflict once and for all.  Dr. Stacer and Mr. Stemen developed effective techniques and new concepts to reduce the parent’s anxiety and fear over losing the love of their children, giving them new tools to calm down, and begin thinking clearer and more strategically.  The tools help to redirect the parent’s anger away from the other parent, while using the newly released energy  to build a strong close connection with the children that will create happier and less stressed children.  Dr. Stacer understands the high conflict couple, and knows that often one of the parents may be difficult to work coparent the children with.  She works with one or both parents, especially the parent that is motivated to end the fight over the  children.  The good news is that it only takes one parent to create resilient children, even when the other parent is difficult, angry, emotionally challenged or frustrating.  She teaches parents skills, stories, strategies, and scripts to get out of the middle of the conflict.  She empowers the parents to get on with their lives, teaching life skills along with strategies to calm down and get on with life.

Dr. Stacer has a doctorate in philosophy, with a specialization in psychology, in high conflict intervention strategies, a master’s degree in counseling and leadership, teaching credentials ranging from pre-kindergarten through college and a Bachelor of Science Degree, in child development and social sciences.

Speaking, Training, and Published Material

Dr. Stacer has been published in the Family Law Update Journal, in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  The chapters in the Family Law Journal are stories written about real clients involved in litigated high conflict custody cases and how they resolve their conflict.  The chapters are written for family law attorneys to illustrate the tools and techniques they need to know in order to manage these difficult custody cases and work with high conflict clients.  Dr. Stacer has presented on numerous panels with certified family law specialist attorneys and family law judges, internationally and in the US.  She presents topics on recognizing high conflict personalities, ending conflict, helping parents emotionally disengage from the other parent , and Stringing Pearls with the children (a strategic technique that builds positive anticipation in children with each parent and develops well-being in their hearts).

Dr. Stacer has presented at the New Orleans Family Bar Convention, in Kingston Ontario, Canada at the Conference of the International Society of Family Lawyers, on the concept of “high conflict triangles,” in Hong Kong, training the Hong Kong government social workers, mediators, child protective service workers, certified family law specialists, family law judges and high court judges for four days. In Omaha, Nebraska, training the family mediators and Orange County, CA, at the Society and Study of Social Problems in Orange County, CA on high conflict cases complicated by a new stepparent.

Parents in San Diego, Hong Kong, and throughout the United States are participating in the online conflictual and coparenting courses at www.parentsinconflict.com, and are giving the courses top scores for the quality of information, the tools taught, and the outcome of reducing conflict with the other parent.  To watch the overview for Professionals, please click here.

Contact Dr. Deena Stacer at Doc@DeenaStacer.com or call 800-980-0434.

Click here to read Dr.Stacer’s curriculum vitae (resume).


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